The art of Wabi-Sabi (or things you will learn later in your life)

Source: The art of Wabi-Sabi (or things you will learn later in your life)


Falling Apart is Part of Falling into Place

We are creatures of habit, everyday falling into our little worlds. The beauty of life comes into play when the ground shakes beneath our feet and our tiny worlds shatter. I know you’re probably thinking “How in the world is that beautiful?” but I promise there is logic in my madness. So it works like this… Imagine every individual person as a piece of colored glass, every glass is different. Different color, different shapes..thickness.etc.. suddenly several people fall apart at the same time you are so busy picking up pieces of glass off the ground that you hardly take time to notice that the pieces you picked up weren’t the ones you dropped in the first place. So you take all the random pieces and you make them fit. Every single piece more distinctive than the other next thing you know you aren’t the same person you were before but instead you are better. Somehow the extra pieces from someone else’ glass is exactly what you needed.

I say all that to say, its okay to fall apart. The trick is to fall apart around people who will don’t mind if you pick up their discarded pieces.

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Sometimes life can be a little crazy! The traffic is backed up to timbucktu and our makeup is sliding down our face … etc.. You know exactly what I’m talking about when I say we have days where every possible thing that could go wrong does. We all have those days where we forget and loose sight of things that are important. We simply forget to spend time with ourselves. I know it sounds awkward but the truth is you need to spend time with you. I’ve sadly neglected this little detail of my life for the past week… I felt overwhelmed and flustered. As the only logical explanation I decided to have a pamper night. I’m talking the whole entire shabang. I had a really nice bubble bath and then did my nails followed by my nightly skin care routine now for the best part of my night

Reading!!!! Who doesn’t love reading?? So let me tell you.. I have an absolute addiction to John Green. His books are just so well written. I can’t even explain to y’all how amazing he is because there are really no words to even compare. I’m currently working on his book An Abundance Of Kathrines Its such a great book. I’ll be honest with you though it is very hard to get in to but once you do it’s really hard to put down. well that pretty much wraps up my night. Goodnight everyone!

P.s .. I would love to hear feedback from you guys


Marie's Monday Musings

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with body image.  I distinctly remember looking in the mirror as a young girl and thinking “I wonder if I will get prettier when I’m older, I hope I won’t be fat!”  When people around me tried to assuage my fears and insecurities the focus was “its what’s on the inside that counts”, but in church I was being taught how ugly my sinful inside was too!  Where was the teaching that Jesus is what makes me beautiful?  Why was I not taught that Jesus can bear the weight of my insecurities?  Sometimes I think the church is so worried about making sure its children do not grow up to be vain and self-centered that we try to avoid all talk about self.  The quote by C.S. Lewis is everyone’s favorite, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking…

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Beauty update

I just want to start off by telling you guys that loosing weight is really hard! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that but I feel the need to say it. I set a goal to go 30 days without soda. Because I’m a woman of integrity  I have to be honest with you guys please hold in all gasping and other awkward gestures when I tell you I only made it 5.. 5 days!!! WITH OUT caffine!! Take my word when I tell you that me without soda is horrible. If I could give even a remotely  close description only using one word I would tell you ” caveman” < that's one word right ?!
     My workout plan has also been a complete disaster.. right now I want to take a moment of silence for all the women who work out everyday and eat right! yall are truly superheroes ! I don't know how you do it.
    I downloaded this app called my fitness pal.. it counts  my calories for me. It really makes you think about what you eat. It sets daily goals that are easy to obtain. But let me tell you.. I've been doing good all week so I thought I'd treat myself to a subway sandwich; might I add that if I get subway I  have to get the whole foot because my love is just so strong ; it pushed me over -54 for my daily calorie intake. The rest of the day I was stuck with the walk of shame ..
Well that's all for now goodnight
Love, Lydia 

discovering your own kind of beautiful


Sorry I haven’t exactly time to write the past few days. I think I should fill you guys in on what’s been happening… as you all know high school can be extremely  stressful. For those of yall who are  currently out of high school I’m here to inform you that you’re not   entirely missing out.
      Moving on to the recent events that are to be blamed for my newly discovered grey hair (I’m not kidding  about that part).
1. HOMEWORK!! the amount of homework I’ve had just this past week is outrageous.
2. Bank accounts… seriously there should be a handbook on how transitioning in into an adult works because truly it’s so confusing.
3. Lack of sleep.. I would however like to add that this reason is all my fault! I have an extremely abnormal addiction to youtube.. which by the way I would love to start vlogging!?! If anyone knows anything about it your advice is all so welcome.
4. Everyone watch out because I am on the road !!! Finally able to drive.. I feel I should be honest and tell you guys ..I ran two stop signs.. I would love to tell you all about but the details are absolutely boring . I’m afraid that’s all for this blog thanks for reading 😉
Love , Lydia

discovering your own kind of beautiful